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The Ministry of Natural Resources sees positive prospects for the exploration of Siberian fields

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The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia defined the key tasks for the development of mineral resources base. The strategy will be defined with a view of the existing reserves, shortage of certain types, economic viability, regional specificity, and opportunities for export.

Sergey Donskoy, Ministerial Head, draws attention to the exploration of the Far Eastern and Arctic fields. He thinks that geological exploration of these fields is a priority goal, which should be paid max attention. He also states that it is required to concentrate efforts on the exploration of promising fields in the northern part of the Western and Eastern Siberia, as well as the exploration of Western Siberian Plate, East-Siberian Platform, Peri-Caspian Lowland, etc.

Besides, the Ministry also highlights the necessity to establish a set of measures to facilitate the exploration of small fields. The Ministry puts forward a number of activities, aimed at the attraction of companies to develop unconventional hydrocarbon reserves. Within the strategy, it is planned to support promising projects, which will further bolster the development of the Northern sea corridor. The Minister also informs about the executed geoexplorational activities. The most promising sites for the development are Leno-Tungus province and western part of Siberia, as well as deep horizons of Volgo-Urals and Caspian Sea region.


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